Imdady| Restaurant Loyalty Program Management in Saudi Arabia

Establish Your Restaurant's Exclusive Loyalty Program.

Say goodbye to plastic cards, complex smartphone apps, or separate loyalty systems. With Imdady Loyalty, your customers earn, keep track of, and redeem loyalty with incredible ease.

Build a customer loyalty program
straight from your Imdady
Dashboard or Imdady Online website

Instant Setup

Initiating a loyalty program for your restaurant has become more straightforward than ever! No longer is a separate loyalty system or convoluted setups with intricate formulas necessary. Imdady Loyalty offers simplicity and seamless integration with Imdady POS, ready for setup with just one click!

Track Loyal Customers

Access real-time insights on your dashboard to easily track the success of your loyalty program, its impact on sales, and to stay informed about your most loyal customers.

Fun. Easy. Effective.

Once a customer joins your loyalty program, they automatically earn rewards with every order. These earnings are clearly presented on each bill and can also be sent via email for added convenience, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both you and your customers.