One of the most powerful and user-friendly RMS system.

Imdady is an all-inclusive POS and restaurant management solution tailored to adapt to all your needs and goals. Manage all restaurant operations from orders to inventory in one platform.

The only platform you'll ever need to help you run your business.

Simplfy Process

Efficient Kitchen Operations

Cloud Service

Imdady R3-RMS

RMS has played an important part in easing the burden on small and medium-sized restaurants by providing time savings, less paperwork, and cloud-based record management. Imdady R3 enables, users, to do the future forecasting of their businesses by providing them with the sale report and statement, and that too with the daily profit and loss.

Hassle free integrations.

If you are running multiple stores and worry to manage all of them. Imdady is developed for this to support and manage your business and sales just on single tap anytime, anywhere.

Table Management

From table management and running orders, to an app that lets your waiters take orders directly on a tablet, Imdady POS system for restaurants will help you run your restaurant's dine-in business with incredible efficiency.

Fully customizable table layouts

Take orders directly on a tablet

Access all 'running orders' on one screen

Tableside payments

Manage Inventory

With just a click or tap, you can manage all aspects of inventory — calculate recipe cost, send purchase orders, and transfer stocks with Imdady's own restaurant POS system.

Recipe Management

Send POs directly to and transfers

Effective waste management

Complete food costing

Powerful inventory reporting

Kitchen Display System

Stay on top of your kitchen’s workflow by ensuring a seamless journey from order placement to fulfillment. Imdady KDS is in sync with Imdady POS, simplifying your kitchen communications and processes to improve efficiency, food quality, and speed of service.

Gold-standard KDS design

Manage online and offline orders on one screen

Track item completion across kitchen stations

LIVE kitchen workflow overview